[Important] CAPCOM ID Merger Notice

On October 1, 2020, CAPCOM Accounts and CAPCOM IDs (formerly COG IDs) were merged, and the new CAPCOM ID authentication service was launched.


To continue using CAPCOM Account and COG web services, you must transfer your CAPCOM Account and COG ID into a new CAPCOM ID.


Please see this link for more information on the transfer process.
[Important Notice] CAPCOM ID Merger Notice


To begin your account transfer, please follow the procedure below.


CAPCOM ID Merger Procedure:
1. Create a new CAPCOM ID to transfer your data into.
2. Transfer your CAPCOM Account and/or CAPCOM ID (formerly COG ID) into the newly created CAPCOM ID.


For a more detailed guide of the transfer procedure, please see this guide:
CAPCOM ID Usage Guide


Thank you, and we look forward to your continued use of CAPCOM ID.