A list of frequently asked questions

?. What is a CAPCOM Account?

A CAPCOM Account is an account for accessing and using CAPCOM's web services.

?. Is CAPCOM Account a paid service?

No, the registration and use of your CAPCOM Account is free. (Internet connection and data fees are borne by the customer.)

?. Why do I need to register?

We require registration to provide users with the best level of service and safety possible.

?. How can I register?

Please complete registration on the sign-up screen.
1. Please first create a CAPCOM ID, then register your CAPCOM Account afterward.
2. After registering your CAPCOM ID, please agree to linking your data to complete your registration.

?. Can anyone register as a member?

Yes, membership is open to anyone! Users are however required to have an email address and agree to the terms of use. Please check them carefully before proceeding.

?. Are there are any restrictions on email addresses used for registration?

In principle, there are no restrictions on internet service providers or email addresses - including free and mobile email addresses. Each CAPCOM ID requires a separate email address, you cannot use the same email address for multiple CAPCOM IDs.

?. I would like to delete my CAPCOM ID, what should I do?

To delete your CAPCOM ID, click on Unregister CAPCOM ID from the menu on your CAPCOM Account page.
Please note, if you unregister, you will lose all access to CAPCOM ID services and content, and your data will not be retained. If you re-register at a later date, your data from before unregistering will not be available.

?. How can I update my information?

All your personal information - including email address, personal information, and newsletter subscriptions - can be changed on the Personal information page of your CAPCOM Account page.

?. Can I share my CAPCOM ID with other people?

Do not share your CAPCOM ID password with anyone. Lending, transferring, buying, or selling your CAPCOM ID - even to family members - is prohibited by the terms of use.
Similarly, it is prohibited for multiple people to share one CAPCOM ID.
To protect your personal information, please keep your CAPCOM ID password private. Please do not give it to family or friends.

?. I can't log in. What should I do?

CAPCOM ID passwords are case-sensitive, so please use caution that the letters and numbers are being entered correctly. Please check that Caps Lock has not been enabled.

?. How can I transfer my CAPCOM Account into my CAPCOM ID?

Please see the following page for the procedure for transferring your CAPCOM Account into your CAPCOM ID.

?. Why have CAPCOM Accounts and CAPCOM ID (formerly COG ID) been merged?

We have merged the various accounts into one to improve user convenience. For more details, please see the following link.

?. If my CAPCOM Account and CAPCOM ID (formerly COG ID) are merged, do I still need to transfer to a CAPCOM ID?

You must agree to the CAPCOM ID terms of service to transfer your accounts.
In addition, depending on the status of your CAPCOM Account or CAPCOM ID (formerly COG ID), transfer procedures may be required, and the specific process may differ.
For more information, please see the following page.

?. I would like to unsubscribe from email newsletters without migrating to CAPCOM ID? What should I do?

If you wish to unsubscribe from email newsletters from your CAPCOM Account without merging with CAPCOM ID, please click on the link below.
Click here to unsubscribe from the email newsletter.

?. I would like to unregister my CAPCOM Account without migrating to CAPCOM ID? What should I do?

If you wish to unregister your CAPCOM Account without merging with CAPCOM ID, please use the link below.
Click here if you cannot log in.