The Character Guides



  • 名前:シン
  • 身長:178cm
  • 体重:77kg
  • 血液型:AB
  • 誕生日:7月9日
  • 出身国:韓国
  • 好きな物:音楽活動
  • 嫌いな物:地味な事



All of us here at Shadaloo would like to give you a warm welcome! Unfortunately, our great leader Lord Bison couldn't be here to welcome you as he's dealing with more...pressing matters at the moment. But I'm sure he's expecting great things from you! Well then, as you know we here at Shadaloo are committed to our goal of world domination. Seeing as you're all new recruits, I'd like to share with you our philosophies and goals. I can still remember the day I first met Lord Bison, around 10 years ago... (looks off into the distance)

(1 hour later)

...and, I could talk all day about that, but I'll try to keep things brief and wrap it up here. It's your first day on the job, so I'm sure you have some questions!

U-um, I heard that upon becoming a member of Shadaloo, I could check my status at any time. Could you explain a little more about that?
This is a bit of tootin' my own horn here, but our excellent profile functionality lets you check in on your SFV league, rank, and player level. You can also check the opponents you've fought recently, and the info of fighters you're interested in. Stay connected to the game even when you're not playing. This is one of the biggest reasons to join us! Want to invite your friends? Feel free! We welcome any and all comers!

All Shadaloo soldiers will be able to access their profile on the Shadaloo C.R.I. On your profile, you can check out your current league status, ranking, player level, the opponents you've fought against recently, and info on fighters you're interested in! The C.R.I. is, of course, accessible from your mobile device, letting you stay on top of your battle data at any time!

So I got this "PsychoPass" from the receptionist, but what exactly do I do with it?...And, why is her level so high?!
Excellent question! Your PsychoPass is your ID badge given to all Shadaloo troops. It'll have your player data current as of the time of issue. Other corporations forbid their members from sharing things on social media, but we here at Shadaloo actively encourage it! Share your PsychoPass to show off your skills to the world!

And you've got a nice eye if you figured out that our receptionist is no ordinary gal! Even the receptionists have to go through a fierce elimination battle process before they can consider themselves one of our ranks. Admirable, yes, but you should probably just admire her from afar. You may have heard of Lord Bison's elite bodyguard unit, The Dolls? Rumor has it, the receptionist is one of them...

Upon logging in, you will be issued your PsychoPass. It will have your current play information listed on it, so share it to social media to show off your fighting game skills!

We here at the C.R.I. are committed in our support of our soldiers as they take on the world!

I heard you can follow a player whom you respect, and a player who you consider to be your rival. Is that okay? I mean, lately the rules have been getting a lot stricter, and I don't want people calling me a stalker again..
Hey, what's your problem?
Well, it's your first day on the job, so I guess I'll let that slide...for now.

Shadaloo soldiers can choose a player they respect, and a player you consider your rival - you absolutely do not want to lose to.
Aren't you curious how many other players lists you might be able to make? We're looking forward to seeing you take the spotlight on the global stage!

The C.R.I. has a follow system. Add a player as Respect or Rival that you'd like to surpass, and you can easily check in on their activities!

If I may be frank, sir, I heard that Shadaloo soldiers will get access to the frame data for the normal and special moves for each character. Is that true? You're not just yanking our chain? Not just me, but a lot of the other troops are buzzing about this, so give it to us straight.
Oh, you must be talking about the frame data chart? Something that's indispensable for fighters who are aiming for the top. Of course, all Shadaloo soldiers are given access to the frame data charts. This data is crucial for maximizing your efforts in becoming the world's strongest.
Hmm? How'd we get this data? We're Shadaloo! There's nothing that's out of our reach!
Also, why wouldn't you always be frank? This is Shadaloo. We have no room for timid soldiers!

Shadaloo soldiers will have access to the frame data chart, which contains detailed info we've collected on all the fighters!

Use the frame data to gain a deeper understanding of each situation, and logically figure out the best way to respond! With this, you have no more excuses for losing! Go beyond the battle! ...I heard someone say that, somewhere...

I can really view the global player LP rankings? I guess the world is becoming more convenient...but if y'ask me, it's all kinda scary. Don'tcha think so?
Good question. Being a member of Shadaloo grants you access to the rankings, where you can see the LP rankings of players worldwide. We feel this is a pretty big perk of joining - aren't you glad you're with us now? Knowing the world, and your place in it, is an important first step towards personal growth. And we here at the Shadaloo C.R.I. are here to support your growth endeavors!

Shadaloo soldiers can check their position in the world with the LP rankings through the C.R.I.!

If your rank isn't high enough to be displayed, don't fret! You're still but a cadet! It takes hard work and dedication to rise to the top. Greatness doesn't happen overnight! Even our great Lord Bison had to work hard to become strong! ...I think.
Train! Fight! Climb! Eat! Sleep!