Register to spread the T-Virus throughout Raccoon City.
When the number of infected participants reaches 100% and the city is overrun with zombies, Chris and Jill's BSAA costumes will be added to the game!
You can register with your email, Facebook, or Capcom account.
Invite your friends to help spread the virus!

The infection rates displayed on the map increase according to the total number of registered users.
The map will also change as the infection spreads and details will be displayed in the information panel.

How to register

Please read the information below, then log in using your CAPCOM or Facebook account, or enter your email address for verification, and select “Register”.

Important Information

1. You must own either a CAPCOM or Facebook Account, or you must register an email address in order to register for the “Resident Evil Raccoon City Contagion!”. If you register using an email address, please make sure you can receive emails from
2. If you register using an email address, emails sent to your account may be treated as spam depending on your email provider’s policy or email settings. If you do not receive any emails, please check your spam folder first, and change your unwanted email settings if appropriate. If necessary please start the registration process again.
3. Any personal information we obtain from you will be used exclusively for sending you information for the “Resident Evil Raccoon City Contagion!” and “Resident Evil”. All personal information will be destroyed when no longer needed, and we will not share your information with third parties.
4. If you are under 16 you will need the consent of a parent or guardian in order to register.
5. For more information on how we handle personal information, please see our privacy policy (
6. The content of the “Resident Evil Raccoon City Contagion!” is subject to change at any time without notice.

For any enquiries about this campaign, please contact

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All place names and incidents referred to in this campaign are fictional. Any resemblance to real places or events is coincidental.